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General Information 24 Hour Emergency Contact Numbers Facility Type
Facility Name:St Francis Hospital Columbus Phone:706-320-3047 ACUTE CARE: Yes
Address:2121 Manchester ExpressWay Fax: REHAB: No
City:Columbus, GA Security: NURSING: No
Main Phone:705-596-4000 ED: COMM. CLINIC: No
Emergency Planning Personnel
Title: Name: Phone: Cell: Email:
Safety Officer Sonny Harris 706-320-3047 706-267-7035 [email protected]
Security Director
ED Director
Infection Control
Pharmacy Director
Laboratory Director
Disaster Contact Information
Incident Command Center Phone Numbers: Radio Information:
Primary Location: 800 MHz radio link to EMS:
Alternate Location: HAM Radio Frequency(if applicable):
Facility Information
# of Acute Care Beds 0
# of Emergency Dept. Beds 0
# of Intensive Care Beds 0
# of Coronary Beds 0
# of Newborn Intensive Care Beds 0
# of Post Anesthesia Care Beds 0
# of Burn Unit Beds 0
# of Negative Pressure Rooms 0
# of Negative Pressure Rooms in ED 0
# of Ventilators/Respirators 0
% of Ventilators in use on a daily basis 0
Permanent Internal Decon Facility? 0
Outdoor Permanent Decon Facilities? 0
Outdoor Temporary Decon Facilities? 0
Anticipated Hourly Capacity of ALL Decon. Facilities 0
What is your Surge Capacity (% of Total Number of Beds) 0
Last Updated:
Sat Dec 07,2013 12:55:50
(information should be updated quarterly and as needed)
Trauma Center Designation
               (I - II - III - IV - n/a):   
NDMS Facility?   0

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