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   Georgia Hospital Resource Website

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The GAEMS.NET Hospital Resource website is a tool which can be utilized to improve patient flow congestion related to Diversion and Bed Status issues.  Hospital Diversion information is posted to this website by the participating hospitals as to their individual diversion / bed status and the accuracy of this information is the responsibility of the participating hospital or service.
These categories and general descriptions are guidelines and not Policy. EMS personnel should always consult with Medical Control to assure appropriate destination and patient care.


From the Georgia Hospital Resource Report main page. click on the “Administration” link.
This will take you to the Admin Login page.
Enter your assigned Login Name & Password. ( Contact GAEMS.NET Admin to add your facility )
This will bring you to your facility admin page where you can:
1. Post a Diversion Status and Time frame
2. Post an emergency “ALERT” message
3. Add email “Notifications”

4. Post your facility Bed Status
5. Add your facility Emergency Contact & Cooperative Planning Form
6. Generate Reports.


Diversion Category Descriptions & Definitions

The selection of Normal will remove the diversion
from the status board. This is used as a manual
removal if the diversion status ends prior to the
posted expiration time.

ER Saturation:
This category is used when a Hospital Emergency
Room’s resources have been overwhelmed

Med/Surg Saturation :
This category is used when there are no available
medical / surgical beds

ICU/CCU Saturation:
This category is used when a Hospital’s ICU/CCU
resources have been overwhelmed and are no
longer available. These resources may include
but not limited to beds, equipment, and staffing.

Neuro Surgery:
This category should only be used by facilities
that normally provide Neuro Services. This means
that Neuro Surgery coverage is not available or
the Neuro Surgery resources are committed with
other patients and not available.

Trauma Saturation:
This category is used when a Hospital’s Trauma
resources have been overwhelmed and are no
longer available for significant trauma
CT Services:
This category identifies that the CT equipment is
not available.

Psychiatric Saturation:
This category is used when a facilities psychiatric
resources are completely committed or not
This category is used when there are no available
beds in a facility for admission. The ER is still
able to accept Patients.

This category means that all current resources have been
overwhelmed and are fully committed.

STEMI Saturation
This category means that all STEMI care resources

are currently fully committed.

This category indicates that all Stroke care resources
are currently fully committed.
* Maintenance:
The helicopter is not available due to scheduled

L&D Saturation
This category mean that all L&D resources are currently
fully committed.

Hand Re-Implantation
This category means that Hand Re-Implantation Services are not available.

MicroVascular Services
This category means that MicroVascular Services are not available.

Hyperbaric Services
This category means Hyperbaric Services are not available.

PICU Saturation
This category means that all PICU Service Resources are  currently fully committed.

ECMO Diversion
This category means that all ECMO Service Resources are  currently fully committed. 



Time options include:  1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 8 - 12  and 24 hours
All Diversion post are automatically removed when the time expiration has been reached.  You may extend the diversion status by posting another diversion with new time frames.



The ALERT SYSTEM is a mean to provide specific information from a hospital or agency. This is for EMERGENCY Use ONLY.  The facility or agency can type a text message that is automatically posted to the Alert Section. This text message will remain on the Alert Section for 24 hours unless the facility or agency manually removes the Alert Message. The Alert System should not be used to post your diversion status as it does record the information and will not make the information available in the facility diversion reporting system. When activated, the Alert System sends emails to ALL who have enrolled in the Email Notification program.  It should only be used to provide important text information that the diversion listing is not able to provide. An example would be a Fire or HAZMAT incident at the facility and it is closed and being evacuated. It could also be a local, regional, State or National disaster bulletin. Again, the Alert System is not to be used to post a diversion status!

Email Notification Section

Hospitals now have the ability to add email addresses to the system that will automatically notify the recipient(s) when a diversion is posted for their facility. This email address(s) will also receive all ALERT SYSTEM postings regardless of the hospital or agency.
Participating Agencies can also add emails to this system to receive ALL ALERT SYSTEM postings.


The Bed Status section allows facilities to post their available bed resources online. This will be of great importance in times of Emergency / Disaster. The Bed Status information should not be used to indicate Hospital Diversion situations. The Diversion section will continue to serve that function.
Hospitals are listed by Health Districts / Regions ( 1-10 ). This list includes each hospital that is currently in the system. These hospital have the ability to post Diversions, Bed Status, con and  broadcast with the Alert System.
Hospitals post their Bed Status from their Administration section which is the same location where their Diversions are are posted.
There are 4 general categories for Beds. These are:

Medical    Surgical    Critical Care     Monitored

When the Bed Status record is posted, the date, and time when the update occurred is listed in the “Last Update” column and that record will be listed as OK under the Status column for 24 hours. If the record is not updated after 24 hours, it will then display “Update Required” in the Status  column.
Facility Bed Status is a dynamic process and is ever changing. It would be impossible for a busy facility to maintain up to the minute bed status information.  The bed status numbers are a reflection of available beds at the time the record was posted.

Healthcare Facility Emergency Contact & Cooperative Planning Form

If you click on a hospital name under the bed status section, you will then see this form. To fill the form in, you must login to the admin section for your facility.  Under the bed status section, click on the hospital name and you can then fill in the form. This will be important information in the case of a disaster. The facility must update there own form when there are changes.

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